Spartans. The warrior elite. Born, bred and trained to surpass any man on the battlefield.

It was with that standard in mind that we set out to create the ultimate in warrior-styled training armour. Armour that was superior, and more functional, than any other. Armour that would protect but also invoke strength and authority.

The result: Spartan Training Armour. The world’s preeminent Combat Scenario Training Armour.

As a company, our key ideology is to take care of the warriors that we service. To protect our protectors. To support those in the Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders and martial arts communities. We do this by being honorable in all our business dealings and adhering to the highest professional standards. These values have helped us grow to an industry leader.

Now, Spartan Training Gear operates worldwide distributing products of unsurpassed quality. We have dealers in Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and United States.

As much as we’ve grown, we still keep much of our business in house and close to the heart. And that will never change. We’ll never forget who got us where we are today…the warriors, fighters and athletes who choose our products…our valued customers.

We defy convention. We engineer evolution. We serve our community.

Our time is now.