Scott Sonnon on Spartan 2.0

Spartan 2.0 over-delivers yet again. What I appreciate about Spartan as a company and product line resembles what I hold to be of utmost importance in a brand and corporate vision: constant improvement, customized adaptation, community dialogue. Spartan takes the feedback we provide placing their gear in unique, new and ongoing duress, and maintains a […]

Testimonial from Gerard O’Dea

“Just a few words to tell you how genuinely impressed I was by the Hoplite Training Armour we received recently. Having done hundreds of hours in gear over the years, I found the features you have incorporated into the armour made my training session flow much more smoothly. The arm components, areas which are subject […]

Testimonial from John Whitman

“We’ve used Spartan Training Gear’s Hoplite Armour many times for Krav Maga Alliance events, and I’ve personally worn the suit as the attacker several times. I’ve been the designated attacker over and over again for groups of more than twenty people. I was able to attack them effectively and absorb their counterattacks without getting banged […]

Testimonial from Jesse Lawn

“Well I gave the Hoplite Helmet the run through it deserved. After being mauled by angry women, multiple black belts, and a 328lb. monster for a total of about 6 hours… my face and head are 100% in-tact. I was shredded, elbowed, palm struck, kneed in the face, and skull bounced… all of which I […]

Testimonial from Larry Brooks

“Got some great feedback for you on the Spartan Training Gear from me and my guys. The improved visual and inhalation properties of the headgear greatly enhance our ability to go longer and harder without fogging or laboring trying to breath. The Velcro straps on the back eliminate twisting and tangling. The gloves allow a […]

Testimonial from Jake Donnenwirth

“As a Martial Arts and Behaviorally Based Protection Instructor for the past five years, I have had the opportunity to train with several different kinds of gear. The Hoplite Armour is by far the most advanced gear of its class. The chest gear is lighter and more flexible than any other gear I’ve used, making […]

Testimonial from Scott Sonnon

“When I need protective gear, I need to minimize restrictions and maximize mobility. Spartan Training Gear gives me that advantage like no other gear I’ve used. Major points about this gear: the suit’s articulation doesnt restrict the primary mobility junctures: neck, shoulders, thorax, and hips. Locking the neck in place causes easy knock-outs, locking the […]

Testimonial from Zachary Pugh

“Today was the first chance that I was able to test my Hoplite out and do some work in it! I must say after trying it out is it is the best multi-purpose training gear I have ever come across! For the past 8 years, during my studying and teaching of behaviorally based combatives and […]

Testimonial from Kym Rock

“I have taught over 160 seminars with my “Fight Like a Girl Program,” as a self defense expert I have seen my share of training equipment when it comes to self defense for women and men. However, we recently used the Spartan Training Gear Suit at one of the largest Fight like a Girl Seminars […]

Testimonial from Kevin Secours

“The Spartan Hoplite armor is truly a world class innovation in functional protective gear. Hands down this is the most versatile, durable and comfortable helmet I’ve used. If your face and brain matter to you, this is the helmet you want protecting it. It’s the first helmet I’ve found that was tight enough for the […]