Testimonial from Jesse Lawn

“Well I gave the Hoplite Helmet the run through it deserved. After being mauled by angry women, multiple black belts, and a 328lb. monster for a total of about 6 hours… my face and head are 100% in-tact. I was shredded, elbowed, palm struck, kneed in the face, and skull bounced… all of which I felt, but none of which actually hurt me. It was fantastic!

I was really surprised at how light and comfortable the helmet is. There was complete freedom of movement, clear peripheral vision, and excellent ventilation. After hours of training, the helmet never became unbearable. Further, the helmet stayed attached during extremely vigorous ground recovery drills… a failing of every other helmet I have tried.

The Hoplite Helmet instantly became my gym’s most valuable piece of equipment. Every serious trainer should have one of these. My sponsor, Luc, was so impressed… he’s talking about trying to get another Helmet soon!”

Jesse Lawn
Owner/Chief Operator
Jesse Lawn’s Close Quarter Combatives