Scenario-Based Personal Survival Class in Toronto, Ontario


Spartan Training Gear and SAFE International are excited to present a 6-hour Personal Survival Seminar in Toronto, ON on Sunday, February 19th, 2012 from 10AM-4PM. This event is perfect for people both new to self defense or those with prior training experience. This course will give you the opportunity to learn some new personal protection techniques and then test out those newly acquired close quarter concepts in the Spartan Training Armour. We’re limiting the number of participants in this class to the first 10 registrants and 7 spots are already taken so sign up NOW!! Email Christopher Roberts at for details!

2012 Total Warrior: Lt. Col. Grossman & Scott Sonnon

2012 TOTAL WARRIOR UPDATE!! Scott Sonnon Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Both legends in their time. People travel the world to learn from these pioneers. Both men will be at the 2012 Total Warrior Camp, February 24th-26th in Vernon, NJ.

Special Guest Instructor Scott Sonnon will be presenting his ‘Warrior Wellness’ class on Saturday Sunday.

Keynote Speaker Lt. Col. Dave Grossman will be presenting his three-hour lecture on ‘The Bullet-Proof Mind’ on Sunday from 0900-1200 and again from 1330-1630.

These men, along with an outstanding team of world-class instructors including Navy SEAL Stephen Nave, TACFIT’s Miquel Rivera, NYPD’s Bill Lawrence and many more make attending the 2012 Total Warrior an event not to miss.

The complete class schedule will be posted soon.

Tuition for this event is ONLY $199. Register online ASAP:

All proceeds from the Total Warrior Camp will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Donations for families of our fallen warriors can be made here:

Spartan Training Gear supports The Guardian Angels

Spartan Training Gear’s taking a stand against bullying. Be it physical, verbal, indirect, social alienation, intimidation or cyberbullying. We’ve donated gear to several Guardian Angel Chapters throughout the US who are conducting workshops to give teens the tools they need to protect themselves. No one should be a victim.

2012 Total Warrior/National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fundraiser

2012 Total Warrior/National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fundraiser: THE AUCTION IS ON NOW!!

You are bidding on 1 Spartan Training Armour/Spartan Goddess complete suit. BIDDING STARTS AT $600USD. That’s a starting price of 50% OFF the retail value. All proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated in the winner’s name to the 2012 Total Warrior/National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.


Shipping is NOT INCLUDED in the winning bid amount.

Bids can be submitted on Facebook by commenting IN THIS THREAD ONLY or via email to

We will be taking bids until MIDNIGHT on Saturday, January 21st, 2012.

The WINNER will get to choose from 1 Spartan Training Armour or Spartan Goddess complete suit in the size, color and model of their choice. BONUS: We will throw in a complimentary Spartan Training Gear Duffle Bag.

Don’t miss this opportunity to donate to a great cause, help the families of fallen warriors and get the industry-leading Spartan Training Armour for your department, unit or school.

2012 Total Warrior: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman confirmed

As we recently announced, the keynote speaker at the 2012 Total Warrior Camp will be none other than Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Lt. Col. Grossman is a U.S. Army Ranger (retired), a former West Point psychology professor and the author of multiple best-selling titles including On Killing, On Combat & The Warrior Mindset. He will be presenting his lecture on ‘The Bullet-Proof Mind’. It goes without saying that we’re extremely honored to have Lt. Col. Grossman at our inaugural event. He’s also donated signed copies of On Combat & On Killing which we’ll be raffling off.

There are still spots available for the Total Warrior Camp, so register for this event ASAP:

Remember, all proceeds from the Camp will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Donations for this great cause can be made here:


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  1. TACGYM Manual
  2. TACGYM Instructional Videos
  3. TACGYM Follow-Along Videos
  4. ARCHIMEDES (Lower Body Flexibility Yoga)
  5. BODY ROLLING (Myofascial Release)
  6. THE HEALING STAFF (Upper Body Mobility/Flexibilty Routine)

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AND THERE’S MORE…with your TACGYM purchase you’ll be given the chance to purchase Scott Sonnon’s ZDOROVYE: The Slavic Natural Health System for $49.

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Testimonial from Gerard O’Dea

“Just a few words to tell you how genuinely impressed I was by the Hoplite Training Armour we received recently. Having done hundreds of hours in gear over the years, I found the features you have incorporated into the armour made my training session flow much more smoothly.

The arm components, areas which are subject to the most movement and impact, have very neat features to make sure they stay in place and can withstand high-intensity training. The features you have built in to make the armour so secure on the body do their job very well. Likewise with the head protector. Overall the design makes it easy to ensure a snug fit which is comfortable and allows movement, while providing all-round protection without gaps. Outstanding. I even tried my best to fog up the visor but whatever magic is in there, I could see clearly through it at all times.

One of the key things we have found is that we can now do multiple drill repetitions and not need to re-adjust or re-affix anything between them. Whether I am in the training scenario or I am helping my students through it, we have more training time and less adjustment time – more reps means safer students and that is a really great benefit which shouldn’t be forgotten.

Great job – our Hoplite Training Armour from Spartan is now our most essential equipment.

Thanks again,”

Gerard O’Dea
Director, Principal Trainer
Dynamis Training & Insight

Testimonial from John Whitman

“We’ve used Spartan Training Gear’s Hoplite Armour many times for Krav Maga Alliance events, and I’ve personally worn the suit as the attacker several times. I’ve been the designated attacker over and over again for groups of more than twenty people. I was able to attack them effectively and absorb their counterattacks without getting banged up. Realistic training is a prerequisite for us; the mobility of the Hoplite Armor allows me to be a real attacker rather than just a lumbering marshmallow man. In fact, one student went a little crazy and got too violent. Even though I was inside the suit, I was able to roll him into an arm bar and calm him down. I highly recommend this gear.”

John Whitman
Founder, Krav Maga Alliance

Testimonial from Jesse Lawn

“Well I gave the Hoplite Helmet the run through it deserved. After being mauled by angry women, multiple black belts, and a 328lb. monster for a total of about 6 hours… my face and head are 100% in-tact. I was shredded, elbowed, palm struck, kneed in the face, and skull bounced… all of which I felt, but none of which actually hurt me. It was fantastic!

I was really surprised at how light and comfortable the helmet is. There was complete freedom of movement, clear peripheral vision, and excellent ventilation. After hours of training, the helmet never became unbearable. Further, the helmet stayed attached during extremely vigorous ground recovery drills… a failing of every other helmet I have tried.

The Hoplite Helmet instantly became my gym’s most valuable piece of equipment. Every serious trainer should have one of these. My sponsor, Luc, was so impressed… he’s talking about trying to get another Helmet soon!”

Jesse Lawn
Owner/Chief Operator
Jesse Lawn’s Close Quarter Combatives

Testimonial from Larry Brooks

“Got some great feedback for you on the Spartan Training Gear from me and my guys. The improved visual and inhalation properties of the headgear greatly enhance our ability to go longer and harder without fogging or laboring trying to breath. The Velcro straps on the back eliminate twisting and tangling. The gloves allow a much freer range of wrist movement. We are able to grab and clinch without restrictions or have the Velcro come loose. I like that fact that some areas where strikes could slip through are covered or reinforced. One of my students like the fact that he could kick higher thank in any other gear. All in all, can’t wait to log in more hours in the gear.”

Larry Brooks
Brooks Karate
West Winfield, NY