Testimonial from Jake Donnenwirth

“As a Martial Arts and Behaviorally Based Protection Instructor for the past five years, I have had the opportunity to train with several different kinds of gear. The Hoplite Armour is by far the most advanced gear of its class. The chest gear is lighter and more flexible than any other gear I’ve used, making motions more natural and realistic as a bad guy. The arm greaves cover the forearms completely, reducing the impact that repeated strikes make and making them ideal for systems that use forearm strikes and blocks. However, the greatest improvement is in the helmet; the improved design reduces the claustrophobic feeling you get when wearing other helmets, and the straps on the back of the helmet are very adjustable, giving you that ‘perfect fit’. By having two points of adjustment on the back and one on top, you are able to customize the helmet to fit your head, which is very important in force on force training. After trying the suit out this past weekend in some very high speed, high intensity drills, I can say without a doubt that the Hoplite Armour is the best on the market and a necessity for anyone in the Martial Arts, MMA, or Self Defense communities.”

Jake Donnenwirth
Functional Edge System
Adjunct Trainer

Testimonial from Scott Sonnon

“When I need protective gear, I need to minimize restrictions and maximize mobility. Spartan Training Gear gives me that advantage like no other gear I’ve used. Major points about this gear: the suit’s articulation doesnt restrict the primary mobility junctures: neck, shoulders, thorax, and hips. Locking the neck in place causes easy knock-outs, locking the shoulders in place increases elbow injuries, immobilizing the thorax leads to lower back trauma, and fixing the hips in place causes knee strain. For example, unlike other armour I’ve used, the Spartan design of the chest protection renders the biomechanics profile of the core: a corset first holds the armour to the belly, and then the chest plate connects over top. This two-ply design facilitates thoracic rotation without which (see other single-ply chest armor) the lower back intended for stability becomes forced into mobility – which leads to pain and injuries, especially with occupationally-vulnerable individuals like law enforcement. A technology is only as effective as it increases the human’s skill. You can be a very powerful individual, but without movement, you remain impotent of expressing that power (think competitive bodybuilders attempting highly athletic skills.) I’ll advocate any technology which helps our service personnel, and this obviously has an enormous amount of intelligence invested in it.”

Scott Sonnon
TACFIT Chief Operations Officer
US National Martial Arts Team Coach
US Federal Law Enforcement Instructor
US Army Special Operations Instructor

Testimonial from Zachary Pugh

“Today was the first chance that I was able to test my Hoplite out and do some work in it! I must say after trying it out is it is the best multi-purpose training gear I have ever come across! For the past 8 years, during my studying and teaching of behaviorally based combatives and the martial arts I used another brand of impact-reduction role-playing gear. In my opinion, the Hoplite Training Armour is superior to it! The Hoplite’s design has addressed the flaws from many other types of gear and eliminated them. The Hoplite allows for greater mobility, greater use of force-on-force tactics, greater comfort and is more economical than any gear on the market today. The biggest improvement over my previous gear is the design of the helmet. My other helmet left vulnerable gaps, had insufficient padding, and the tie down straps did not allow for a “perfect” fit. The Hoplite Helmet has addressed all those concerns by allowing for a customizable “perfect” fit and the elimination of weak points by leaving no gaps and providing sufficient padding and still allowing unimpeded movement. I look forward to continuing to train in my suit and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for Multi-Purpose Role-Playing gear to enhance their training!”

Zachary Pugh
Elmira College Student
Behaviorally – Based Combatives Instructor

Testimonial from Kym Rock

“I have taught over 160 seminars with my “Fight Like a Girl Program,” as a self defense expert I have seen my share of training equipment when it comes to self defense for women and men. However, we recently used the Spartan Training Gear Suit at one of the largest Fight like a Girl Seminars to date and I must say it was user friendly for the attacker and the one being attacked. The suit was realistic give the proper protection to the wearer and to the self defense participant. I highly recommend the Spartan Training Gear Suit for self defense training because it’s light and doesn’t slow down the wearer making the attacks more realistic… and by being more realistic we can all save a life, thank you Spartan Training Gear.”

Kym Rock
President – Fight Like a Girl Inc.

Testimonial from Kevin Secours

“The Spartan Hoplite armor is truly a world class innovation in functional protective gear. Hands down this is the most versatile, durable and comfortable helmet I’ve used. If your face and brain matter to you, this is the helmet you want protecting it. It’s the first helmet I’ve found that was tight enough for the smaller ladies in my group and large enough for the big boys. Spartan sets the bar… and that bar is very high!!”

Kevin Secours
Director of International Combat Systema Association
Director of Training for The Quebec Tactical Training Academy
Founder of Integrated Fighting Systems

Testimonial from Anthony D. Hubble

“When teaching self defense it has been virtually impossible to find a suit that provides adequate protection, while not restricting mobility in order to properly emulate an attacker’s dynamic and live movement adjustment to a defender’s actions. The Spartan Suit is a perfect solution! I have used the suit to teach martial artists and non-martial artists, advising them to “let ‘er rip” while attacking me. The Spartan Suit will infuse my self-defense classes and seminars with a level of realism previously unattainable.”

Anthony D. Hubble
Owner, Hubble ATA Masters Academy

Testimonial from Henry Hur

“I purchased the Hoplite Training Armour™ from Spartan Training Gear™ about a month ago and had it shipped to Tom Arcuri’s school in Herkimer, NY. I went to Tom’s Pro-Active Safety System seminar this past weekend and finally got to use my new Hoplite gear. I want to say that it is truly an amazing suit. I have used other gear in the past and this is without a doubt a new generation of training gear. I felt more comfortable with this suit compared to any other I have tried. Most gear has felt very stiff whenever I’ve worn it, but the Hoplite Gear felt very snug and comfortable. One of the things I loved was the Hoplite Helmet. I’ve always had a problem with other helmets as they felt uncomfortable to wear and very difficult to put on, but the first time I put on the Hoplite Helmet, it felt right. The guys at Spartan did a phenomenal job designing the Hoplite suit, especially the helmet, with better strapping and a much better fit. In comparison to the other gear, I felt I could move much better with the Hoplite suit; it felt more flexible & more mobile.”

Henry Hur

Testimonial from Neil Neazer

“Marc, I have played with my NEW TOY, the HOPLITE TRAINING ARMOUR, and have to say not only did I enjoy it but love the areas which you have covered in making it totally supportive, particularly, the helmet with the Velcro latches, the holes to breathe from and communicate with my training partner and the shin guard. I really dig the idea with the detachable knee pads and the mobility of the total suit from the hands, to the arms, to the TORSO. Not only did I enjoy the suit but my students enjoyed it too. They only tried portions of it but looking at the difference between the previous helmet I had from another suit and the SPARTAN HOPLITE helmet they strongly supported purchasing equipment from SPARTAN TRAINING GEAR. It’s official, HOPLITE TRAINING ARMOUR will be with ROUGHHOUSE TACTICS for a long time.”

Neil Neazer
Owner, RoughHouse Tactics

Testimonial from Todd Brinkerhoff

“It was an honor to be asked to test Hoplite Training Armour by Spartan Training Gear. As an 18 year law enforcement veteran, and 16 year SWAT member and trainer, I have been involved in the training and evaluation of hundreds of law enforcement and military members. During my career, I have been asked to evaluate and utilize many of the most commonly known protective suits in the industry. I can honestly say that the Spartan Suit is the best of any suit I have worn or evaluated. It offers the best mix of mobility, protection and durability of any suit I have worn, and is available at one of the best prices. My questions and concerns about the suit were immediately addressed by Marc Joseph, and the overall customer service has been tremendous. I would highly recommend the Spartan Suit for any law enforcement or military member or trainer.”

Todd Brinkerhoff
Law Enforcement Sergeant
SWAT Asst. Commander/Trainer
Finger Lakes Training Team – CEO

Testimonial from Craig Flaherty

“Spartan Training Gear, Hoplite Training Armour is the best gear of its kind. The Hoplite Training Armour provides more protection in the vital head areas and more protection in the arm, leg and rib area creating a flexible and versatile training suit. Spartan Training Gear has taken the next step in the evolution of force reduction training suits.”

Craig Flaherty
Narcotics Bureau
Investigative/Tactical (In/Tac) Unit