Testimonial from Neil Neazer

“Marc, I have played with my NEW TOY, the HOPLITE TRAINING ARMOUR, and have to say not only did I enjoy it but love the areas which you have covered in making it totally supportive, particularly, the helmet with the Velcro latches, the holes to breathe from and communicate with my training partner and the shin guard. I really dig the idea with the detachable knee pads and the mobility of the total suit from the hands, to the arms, to the TORSO. Not only did I enjoy the suit but my students enjoyed it too. They only tried portions of it but looking at the difference between the previous helmet I had from another suit and the SPARTAN HOPLITE helmet they strongly supported purchasing equipment from SPARTAN TRAINING GEAR. It’s official, HOPLITE TRAINING ARMOUR will be with ROUGHHOUSE TACTICS for a long time.”

Neil Neazer
Owner, RoughHouse Tactics