Testimonial from Henry Hur

“I purchased the Hoplite Training Armour™ from Spartan Training Gear™ about a month ago and had it shipped to Tom Arcuri’s school in Herkimer, NY. I went to Tom’s Pro-Active Safety System seminar this past weekend and finally got to use my new Hoplite gear. I want to say that it is truly an amazing suit. I have used other gear in the past and this is without a doubt a new generation of training gear. I felt more comfortable with this suit compared to any other I have tried. Most gear has felt very stiff whenever I’ve worn it, but the Hoplite Gear felt very snug and comfortable. One of the things I loved was the Hoplite Helmet. I’ve always had a problem with other helmets as they felt uncomfortable to wear and very difficult to put on, but the first time I put on the Hoplite Helmet, it felt right. The guys at Spartan did a phenomenal job designing the Hoplite suit, especially the helmet, with better strapping and a much better fit. In comparison to the other gear, I felt I could move much better with the Hoplite suit; it felt more flexible & more mobile.”

Henry Hur