Testimonial from Todd Brinkerhoff

“It was an honor to be asked to test Hoplite Training Armour by Spartan Training Gear. As an 18 year law enforcement veteran, and 16 year SWAT member and trainer, I have been involved in the training and evaluation of hundreds of law enforcement and military members. During my career, I have been asked to evaluate and utilize many of the most commonly known protective suits in the industry. I can honestly say that the Spartan Suit is the best of any suit I have worn or evaluated. It offers the best mix of mobility, protection and durability of any suit I have worn, and is available at one of the best prices. My questions and concerns about the suit were immediately addressed by Marc Joseph, and the overall customer service has been tremendous. I would highly recommend the Spartan Suit for any law enforcement or military member or trainer.”

Todd Brinkerhoff
Law Enforcement Sergeant
SWAT Asst. Commander/Trainer
Finger Lakes Training Team – CEO