Testimonial from Scott Sonnon

“When I need protective gear, I need to minimize restrictions and maximize mobility. Spartan Training Gear gives me that advantage like no other gear I’ve used. Major points about this gear: the suit’s articulation doesnt restrict the primary mobility junctures: neck, shoulders, thorax, and hips. Locking the neck in place causes easy knock-outs, locking the shoulders in place increases elbow injuries, immobilizing the thorax leads to lower back trauma, and fixing the hips in place causes knee strain. For example, unlike other armour I’ve used, the Spartan design of the chest protection renders the biomechanics profile of the core: a corset first holds the armour to the belly, and then the chest plate connects over top. This two-ply design facilitates thoracic rotation without which (see other single-ply chest armor) the lower back intended for stability becomes forced into mobility – which leads to pain and injuries, especially with occupationally-vulnerable individuals like law enforcement. A technology is only as effective as it increases the human’s skill. You can be a very powerful individual, but without movement, you remain impotent of expressing that power (think competitive bodybuilders attempting highly athletic skills.) I’ll advocate any technology which helps our service personnel, and this obviously has an enormous amount of intelligence invested in it.”

Scott Sonnon
TACFIT Chief Operations Officer
US National Martial Arts Team Coach
US Federal Law Enforcement Instructor
US Army Special Operations Instructor