Testimonial from Zachary Pugh

“Today was the first chance that I was able to test my Hoplite out and do some work in it! I must say after trying it out is it is the best multi-purpose training gear I have ever come across! For the past 8 years, during my studying and teaching of behaviorally based combatives and the martial arts I used another brand of impact-reduction role-playing gear. In my opinion, the Hoplite Training Armour is superior to it! The Hoplite’s design has addressed the flaws from many other types of gear and eliminated them. The Hoplite allows for greater mobility, greater use of force-on-force tactics, greater comfort and is more economical than any gear on the market today. The biggest improvement over my previous gear is the design of the helmet. My other helmet left vulnerable gaps, had insufficient padding, and the tie down straps did not allow for a “perfect” fit. The Hoplite Helmet has addressed all those concerns by allowing for a customizable “perfect” fit and the elimination of weak points by leaving no gaps and providing sufficient padding and still allowing unimpeded movement. I look forward to continuing to train in my suit and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for Multi-Purpose Role-Playing gear to enhance their training!”

Zachary Pugh
Elmira College Student
Behaviorally – Based Combatives Instructor