Testimonial from Jake Donnenwirth

“As a Martial Arts and Behaviorally Based Protection Instructor for the past five years, I have had the opportunity to train with several different kinds of gear. The Hoplite Armour is by far the most advanced gear of its class. The chest gear is lighter and more flexible than any other gear I’ve used, making motions more natural and realistic as a bad guy. The arm greaves cover the forearms completely, reducing the impact that repeated strikes make and making them ideal for systems that use forearm strikes and blocks. However, the greatest improvement is in the helmet; the improved design reduces the claustrophobic feeling you get when wearing other helmets, and the straps on the back of the helmet are very adjustable, giving you that ‘perfect fit’. By having two points of adjustment on the back and one on top, you are able to customize the helmet to fit your head, which is very important in force on force training. After trying the suit out this past weekend in some very high speed, high intensity drills, I can say without a doubt that the Hoplite Armour is the best on the market and a necessity for anyone in the Martial Arts, MMA, or Self Defense communities.”

Jake Donnenwirth
Functional Edge System
Adjunct Trainer