Sonnon Systema at 2012 Super Summer Seminars


Spartan down! One of many great shots from the 2012 Super Summer Seminars weekend. In this photo, Charlie Moore, a highly respected TACFIT and Use of Force Instructor, explains and demonstrates a control technique during his Sonnon Systema class.


Stace Sanchez

Stace Sanchez, the man behind the lense at KICKPICS Photography, rockin’ his new Spartan training shorts during a shoot at the 2012 Super Summer Seminars this past weekend. Was great to see and train with you again this weekend my friend. Safe travels.

Scott Sonnon on Spartan 2.0

Spartan 2.0 over-delivers yet again. What I appreciate about Spartan as a company and product line resembles what I hold to be of utmost importance in a brand and corporate vision: constant improvement, customized adaptation, community dialogue. Spartan takes the feedback we provide placing their gear in unique, new and ongoing duress, and maintains a state of continual evolution.

As a grappler competitively, and a contact and control specialist for defensive tactics, gear becomes problematic. We grapplers took the rashguard out of beach attire and made it an industry. 😉 We are hard on gear because of snags, tears, and friction.

But Spartan returned from our feedback with an innovative response to the duress we place upon gear.

The elbow forearm guards represented one of the most frequent points of contact and we continually would release attachments, if not be obstructed by them. The new design resembles a padded compression sleeve, allowing maximum mobility and operation of the arm while minimizing if not preventing any friction or possible gear malfunction. Genius.

Groundfighting, standing up from the ground, engaging cover, takedowns and tackles all present problem in multi-piece gear. If you cannot render the actual skills to be performed, then training gear becomes a liability: for the best you can hope for in a fight is the worst you’ve performed in the gym. The interference between upper and lower architecture of training gear has in the past been an obstacle. Certainly, we will overcome any discomforts, but when accessing and deploying tools and techniques, integration of equipment without any obstruction to mobility is paramount. The new low-profile elastic waist and the removal of the previous plastic band no longer interrupts the movement between the vest and the shorts. Ideal.

Any law enforcement personnel knows how to dismantle the closures on their vests. And as instructors we know that under fatigue and stress we do what we’ve conditioned the most. This includes the removal of our gear. In the past we’ve put some serious wear and tear on the gear by not removing as per spec designs… because inadvertently under fatigue and stress of drilling, we started removing the training gear as one would body armor. To address this, Spartan 2.0 developed an ingenious ballistic style front closure which not only increases rib protection and fits better, it prevents us from causing product malfunctions. Thank you.

Previously designed helmets addressed the potential harm of impact, but often neglected to consider how grapplers use the head to control the body. This resulted in releasing the attachment points to other designs. But Spartan 2.0, and I don’t want to give away any corporate secrets, has implemented a design which I cannot yet Hoodini. I’ll keep trying, but I haven’t found a way to release this head gear even under high intensity. Keep your eyes on this helmet. Best on the market.

One last interplay I wanted to address was the relationship of the new elbow sleeve to the shoulder and wrist. As a grappler, I often establish wrist control – which is also a necessity in cuffing and restraint. Without amble opportunity for application of wrist control (and wrist restraints), training gear can interfere with skill practice, especially under stress of high intensity drilling. The new design of the sleeve works optimally in relationship between the gloves and shoulder pieces. Much appreciated.

Again, my kudos to Spartan for remaining the industry leader by engineering evolution. It will take quite a few years for others to catch up to these innovations.

Scott Sonnon

2012 Total Warrior: Tactical Training & Winning Mindset Camp

Total Warrior


The 2012 Total Warrior isn’t just a training event. It’s much more. It’s an opportunity to give back and say thank you to the men and women of our law enforcement community who put there lives on the line, day in and day out, to keep us safe.

The unfortunate reality is not all of these warriors will make it home at the end of the day. Sometimes the bad guys win. And in those situations the wives, husbands, children and families of our fallen heroes must be taken care of. That’s our duty.

Not everyone can make it to the Total Warrior Camp. But everyone has two minutes to click on the link below and donate $5. Or $10. Or whatever you feel it’s worth to have someone come to your assistance when you have to dial 9-1-1.

Here’s the link to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund:

If you’d like to come this event and have the opportunity to attend a lecture by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman or train with TACFIT Founder Scott Sonnon or Navy SEAL Stephen Nave or NYPD Tactical Training Unit Director Bill Wallace, you can sign up here:

We hope to see you at the Total Warrior Camp and appreciate your support.

Spartans stand the test of time.


Scenario-Based Personal Survival Class in Toronto, Ontario


Spartan Training Gear and SAFE International are excited to present a 6-hour Personal Survival Seminar in Toronto, ON on Sunday, February 19th, 2012 from 10AM-4PM. This event is perfect for people both new to self defense or those with prior training experience. This course will give you the opportunity to learn some new personal protection techniques and then test out those newly acquired close quarter concepts in the Spartan Training Armour. We’re limiting the number of participants in this class to the first 10 registrants and 7 spots are already taken so sign up NOW!! Email Christopher Roberts at for details!

2012 Total Warrior: Lt. Col. Grossman & Scott Sonnon

2012 TOTAL WARRIOR UPDATE!! Scott Sonnon Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Both legends in their time. People travel the world to learn from these pioneers. Both men will be at the 2012 Total Warrior Camp, February 24th-26th in Vernon, NJ.

Special Guest Instructor Scott Sonnon will be presenting his ‘Warrior Wellness’ class on Saturday Sunday.

Keynote Speaker Lt. Col. Dave Grossman will be presenting his three-hour lecture on ‘The Bullet-Proof Mind’ on Sunday from 0900-1200 and again from 1330-1630.

These men, along with an outstanding team of world-class instructors including Navy SEAL Stephen Nave, TACFIT’s Miquel Rivera, NYPD’s Bill Lawrence and many more make attending the 2012 Total Warrior an event not to miss.

The complete class schedule will be posted soon.

Tuition for this event is ONLY $199. Register online ASAP:

All proceeds from the Total Warrior Camp will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Donations for families of our fallen warriors can be made here:

Spartan Training Gear supports The Guardian Angels

Spartan Training Gear’s taking a stand against bullying. Be it physical, verbal, indirect, social alienation, intimidation or cyberbullying. We’ve donated gear to several Guardian Angel Chapters throughout the US who are conducting workshops to give teens the tools they need to protect themselves. No one should be a victim.

2012 Total Warrior/National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fundraiser

2012 Total Warrior/National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fundraiser: THE AUCTION IS ON NOW!!

You are bidding on 1 Spartan Training Armour/Spartan Goddess complete suit. BIDDING STARTS AT $600USD. That’s a starting price of 50% OFF the retail value. All proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated in the winner’s name to the 2012 Total Warrior/National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.


Shipping is NOT INCLUDED in the winning bid amount.

Bids can be submitted on Facebook by commenting IN THIS THREAD ONLY or via email to

We will be taking bids until MIDNIGHT on Saturday, January 21st, 2012.

The WINNER will get to choose from 1 Spartan Training Armour or Spartan Goddess complete suit in the size, color and model of their choice. BONUS: We will throw in a complimentary Spartan Training Gear Duffle Bag.

Don’t miss this opportunity to donate to a great cause, help the families of fallen warriors and get the industry-leading Spartan Training Armour for your department, unit or school.

2012 Total Warrior: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman confirmed

As we recently announced, the keynote speaker at the 2012 Total Warrior Camp will be none other than Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Lt. Col. Grossman is a U.S. Army Ranger (retired), a former West Point psychology professor and the author of multiple best-selling titles including On Killing, On Combat & The Warrior Mindset. He will be presenting his lecture on ‘The Bullet-Proof Mind’. It goes without saying that we’re extremely honored to have Lt. Col. Grossman at our inaugural event. He’s also donated signed copies of On Combat & On Killing which we’ll be raffling off.

There are still spots available for the Total Warrior Camp, so register for this event ASAP:

Remember, all proceeds from the Camp will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Donations for this great cause can be made here: