Testimonial from Anonymous

“In reality-based training you need gear that allows you to bring your students as close to a real life force encounter as possible. Spartan Training Gear does just that with their Hoplite Training Armour. It’s a new breed of force on force suit. They have taken all the good points of other suits out there and none of the ‘bad’ to create a suit that allows the operator to train with speed, agility and force without a bulk that would inhibit movement. The Hoplite Training Armour is lightweight and greatly reduces the risk of injury while still allowing the user to feel the attack and not create a superman mentality.”

Testimonial from Anonymous

“I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and a SWAT team member/leader for 20 of those. I have had the opportunity to train and work with law enforcement (municipal, sheriff, state and federal agencies) as well as all branches of the military, including many or their elite units. In doing so, I have been exposed to several types of training gear, from Red Man to High Gear.

Having been given the privilege to Test and Evaluate the Hoplite Training Gear by Spartan, I have found it to be the next step in the evolution of training gear. Not only does It provides coverage, protection and mobility during hard core scenario training, it also lends comfort and fit that allows for extended wear (i.e. multiple martial classes sparring as well as role player for demos).”

Police Lieutenant & SWAT
Law Enforcement and Military Trainer

Testimonial from Charlie M.

“The Hoplite Training Armour™ by Spartan Training Gear™ is without question fantastic. It is a huge step above any gear currently on the market. It is mobile, comfortable, and affords the user with effective protection during all types of training evolutions. It is manufactured to a very high standard which lends itself for use in settings such as a police training academy, or large dojo where multiple uses are common place.

In my 29 years of law enforcement (the last 17 in training) I have had the opportunity to train thousands of officers, agents, and operators both within the States and internationally and without question I highly recommend this gear to anyone interested in taking their training and trainees safety to the next level.”

Charlie M.
29 year veteran of Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement

Testimonial from Tom Arcuri

“After 30 years of competing, training and teaching, and (since 1989) hundreds of hours of training and teaching in gear of all types, I can say with some authority that any martial athlete or combatives program will dramatically benefit from incorporating gear in their programs. It is the only way to safely experience the level of realism necessary to pressure check training methods, curriculum or tactics.

My staff and I have had the opportunity to thoroughly test Hoplite Training Armour™ by Spartan Training Gear™, and we all agree that it is the finest suit of it’s kind in the world. Having used the High Gear™ suit exclusively for nine years I can say with confidence that Spartan’s suit is clearly a step up from an already good product. The Hoplite has significant modifications and improvements, with fit and finish that is the best that I have seen.

I am actively using it in my programs and fully endorse it!”

Tom Arcuri, Director
Pro-Active Safety System
Baileys Karate School Herkimer
Super Summer Seminars Martial Arts Camp

Testimonial from Tony Torres

“In my experience as a police officer, and in the military and as a trainer for Law Enforcement, Military Units, and Civilian athletes, I have had the opportunity to train in just about every training gear out there. From Red Man™, to High Gear™ to Hitman™ and Monadnock™ there is no comparison. Hoplite Training Armour™ by Spartan is the best by far. It is the perfect combination of protection and mobility. I have used it for self protection scenario training as well as for sparring and even stick fighting. Not only is the protection and mobility the best but also the comfort while wearing it. From now on Hoplite Training Armor by Spartan is the official training gear of the Functional Edge System and Functional Edge MMA!”

Tony Torres
Professional Law Enforcement and Military Trainer
Founder Functional Edge System and Mixed Martial Edge