Testimonial from Tony Torres

“In my experience as a police officer, and in the military and as a trainer for Law Enforcement, Military Units, and Civilian athletes, I have had the opportunity to train in just about every training gear out there. From Red Man™, to High Gear™ to Hitman™ and Monadnock™ there is no comparison. Hoplite Training Armour™ by Spartan is the best by far. It is the perfect combination of protection and mobility. I have used it for self protection scenario training as well as for sparring and even stick fighting. Not only is the protection and mobility the best but also the comfort while wearing it. From now on Hoplite Training Armor by Spartan is the official training gear of the Functional Edge System and Functional Edge MMA!”

Tony Torres
Professional Law Enforcement and Military Trainer
Founder Functional Edge System and Mixed Martial Edge