Testimonial from Gerard O’Dea

“Just a few words to tell you how genuinely impressed I was by the Hoplite Training Armour we received recently. Having done hundreds of hours in gear over the years, I found the features you have incorporated into the armour made my training session flow much more smoothly.

The arm components, areas which are subject to the most movement and impact, have very neat features to make sure they stay in place and can withstand high-intensity training. The features you have built in to make the armour so secure on the body do their job very well. Likewise with the head protector. Overall the design makes it easy to ensure a snug fit which is comfortable and allows movement, while providing all-round protection without gaps. Outstanding. I even tried my best to fog up the visor but whatever magic is in there, I could see clearly through it at all times.

One of the key things we have found is that we can now do multiple drill repetitions and not need to re-adjust or re-affix anything between them. Whether I am in the training scenario or I am helping my students through it, we have more training time and less adjustment time – more reps means safer students and that is a really great benefit which shouldn’t be forgotten.

Great job – our Hoplite Training Armour from Spartan is now our most essential equipment.

Thanks again,”

Gerard O’Dea
Director, Principal Trainer
Dynamis Training & Insight