Testimonial from Anthony D. Hubble

“When teaching self defense it has been virtually impossible to find a suit that provides adequate protection, while not restricting mobility in order to properly emulate an attacker’s dynamic and live movement adjustment to a defender’s actions. The Spartan Suit is a perfect solution! I have used the suit to teach martial artists and non-martial […]

Testimonial from Henry Hur

“I purchased the Hoplite Training Armour™ from Spartan Training Gear™ about a month ago and had it shipped to Tom Arcuri’s school in Herkimer, NY. I went to Tom’s Pro-Active Safety System seminar this past weekend and finally got to use my new Hoplite gear. I want to say that it is truly an amazing […]

Testimonial from Neil Neazer

“Marc, I have played with my NEW TOY, the HOPLITE TRAINING ARMOUR, and have to say not only did I enjoy it but love the areas which you have covered in making it totally supportive, particularly, the helmet with the Velcro latches, the holes to breathe from and communicate with my training partner and the […]

Testimonial from Todd Brinkerhoff

“It was an honor to be asked to test Hoplite Training Armour by Spartan Training Gear. As an 18 year law enforcement veteran, and 16 year SWAT member and trainer, I have been involved in the training and evaluation of hundreds of law enforcement and military members. During my career, I have been asked to […]

Testimonial from Craig Flaherty

“Spartan Training Gear, Hoplite Training Armour is the best gear of its kind. The Hoplite Training Armour provides more protection in the vital head areas and more protection in the arm, leg and rib area creating a flexible and versatile training suit. Spartan Training Gear has taken the next step in the evolution of force […]

Testimonial from Anonymous

“In reality-based training you need gear that allows you to bring your students as close to a real life force encounter as possible. Spartan Training Gear does just that with their Hoplite Training Armour. It’s a new breed of force on force suit. They have taken all the good points of other suits out there […]

Testimonial from Anonymous

“I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and a SWAT team member/leader for 20 of those. I have had the opportunity to train and work with law enforcement (municipal, sheriff, state and federal agencies) as well as all branches of the military, including many or their elite units. In doing so, I have […]

Testimonial from Charlie M.

“The Hoplite Training Armour™ by Spartan Training Gear™ is without question fantastic. It is a huge step above any gear currently on the market. It is mobile, comfortable, and affords the user with effective protection during all types of training evolutions. It is manufactured to a very high standard which lends itself for use in […]

Testimonial from Tom Arcuri

“After 30 years of competing, training and teaching, and (since 1989) hundreds of hours of training and teaching in gear of all types, I can say with some authority that any martial athlete or combatives program will dramatically benefit from incorporating gear in their programs. It is the only way to safely experience the level […]

Testimonial from Tony Torres

“In my experience as a police officer, and in the military and as a trainer for Law Enforcement, Military Units, and Civilian athletes, I have had the opportunity to train in just about every training gear out there. From Red Man™, to High Gear™ to Hitman™ and Monadnock™ there is no comparison. Hoplite Training Armour™ […]