You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

We’ve gotten, literally, dozens of emails in the last week from fans asking what this new ‘Spartan’ suit is all about. They want to know about price, sizing, colours, ordering, etc.

Well, we’ve got an FAQ all prepped for when our website goes live, but we think now might be a good time to get some of these out of the way. So without further ado…

1. What exactly is the Hoplite Training Armour™?

The Hoplite Training Armour™ is Multi-Purpose Combat Training Equipment. It’s a bio-technologically engineered, lightweight, full-body padded suit designed to be used during force-on-force encounters, scenario-replication drills and traditional martial arts training. Here are some examples of how and where the gear can be used:

Martial Arts: Grappling, Ground-Fighting, Scenario-Replication Drills, Stick-Fighting, MMA, Submission Training & Self-Defense Drills

Law Enforcement: Control & Arrest, Weapon Training (Baton, OC Spray), Use of Force Training & Vehicle Extraction Drills

Military: Room Clearing, Prisoner Handling, Vehicle Commandeering, Breach & Clear Drills, Check Point Scenarios & Force On Force Drills

The name says it all. Multi-Purpose. No other suit on the market allows you the versatility to create and execute such a wide array of drills and scenarios without compromising protection and mobility.


2. How many components make make up the Hoplite Training Armour™?

The complete suit is comprised of seven components. They are as follows:

  1. Hoplite Helmet
  2. Hoplite Collar
  3. Hoplite Vest
  4. Hoplite Elbow/Forearm
  5. Hoplite Gloves
  6. Hoplite Pant
  7. Hoplite Shin/Knee

3. Can I buy the Hoplite Training Armour™ by individual component? Is it more expensive to buy it by component?

You can buy whatever you need. We have a pricing structure for the complete suit or by component. The individual price of each component comes out to the exact dollar amount of the complete suit. So no matter how you buy it, you’ll pay exactly the same thing. To the penny.

4. What’s the difference between the Basic and the Elite Hoplite suits and how much are they?

The Hoplite Training Armour™ Basic is designed for hand to hand combat training. The Hoplite Training Gear™ Elite is essentially the same, but comes with the Armour Lock Hood helmet upgrade and is designed for use during scenarios or drills that incorporate training ammunition. The Basic is $1200. The Elite is $1300. Also, with the purchase of every retail-priced suit, we include a complimentary Spartan Training Gear duffle bag.

5. What is the Hoplite Training Armour™ made of?

The outer shell of the suit is constructed of leather, high-tenacity polyester, lycra and mesh. The inner core of the suit incorporates high-density foams and custom-molded plastic trauma plating.

This combination of materials, along with the suits bio-technological design, makes the Hoplite Training Armour™ some of the lightest, most versatile & best fitting Combat Training
Equipment available.

6. What are some of the features and benefits of the Hoplite Training Armour™?

  • Lightweight: Suit weighs approximately 10lbs head to toe
  • Bio-technological engineering: Allows for uncompromised mobility and the best fit of any comparable suit
  • Low-profile design: Will not distort proximity-sense and allows role-players to wear street clothing or duty gear over the suit which heightens sensory feedback and triggers authentic emotional responses
  • Versatility: Can be integrated for use with any ‘system’ or martial arts ‘style’.
  • Adaptability: Train and execute scenarios in any environment: elevators, prison cells, stairways & vehicles
  • Improves combat confidence: create and execute scenarios, incorporate tactics from any ‘style’, train in any environment & incorporate dialogue during role-playing
  • Custom injection-molded helmet visor: Guaranteed not to fog up under any conditions. Every Hoplite Helmet visor is custom injection-molded and hand coated with an anti-scratch coating on the outside and an anti-fog coating on the inside
  • Training ammunition compliant: The Hoplite Helmet is the ultimate in close-quarter battle head protection and perfect for shoot/no shoot scenario training. It exceeds industry standards for safety and has been tested and approved for use with .38 cal, 9mm and 5.56mm marking cartridge rounds.

7. What’s the significance between the red and blue vests? Which am I supposed to buy?

The short answer is you can buy whichever one you like. The long answer is as follows: The Crimson Red Hoplite Vest is specifically coloured for instructors and teachers. The Greco Blue Hoplite Vest is coloured for students. Why the difference? So that the instructor/teacher can stand out from the group. In large groups, if everyone is wearing the same colour gear, there’s no way to tell who the ‘leader’ is. If students are wearing one colour and the instructors another, you never have that problem. It’s a simple solution to a common problem.

8. How does the sizing of the Hoplite Training Armour™ work?

Sizing for the Hoplite Training Armour™ is as follows. Keep in mind these measurements are approximative. If you are taller, shorter, thinner or heavier, we can accomodate that but may need to customize a suit using different sized components, (IE combining medium and large components). Also, because we get many inquiries from overseas, sizing is given in both imperial and metric.

– Medium (M)

Imperial: 5’4″ – 5’9″, 140lbs – 190lbs, 30in – 34in waist
Metric: 1.6m – 1.75m, 63kgs – 86kgs, 76cm – 86cm
– Large (L)

Imperial: 5’10″ – 6’2″, 190lbs – 240lbs, 35in – 39in waist
Metric: 1.77m – 1.87m, 86kgs – 108kgs, 88cm – 99cm waist

– Extra Large (XL)
Imperial: 6’2″ – 6’6″, 240lbs – 300lbs, 40in – 44in waist
Metric: 1.87m – 1.98m, 108kgs – 136kgs, 101cm – 111cm waist

9. How long does it take to gear up?

The Hoplite Training Armour™ takes less than 3 minutes to put on alone. For best results, put the components on in this order:

1. Hoplite Pant
2. Hoplite Shin/Knee
3. Hoplite Elbow/Forearm
4. Hoplite Gloves
5. Hoplite Collar
6. Hoplite Vest
7. Hoplite Helmet

10. How much is the shipping? Do you ship worldwide?

The shipping costs depend on a few factors. Primarily, where you are in the world and also what you’re ordering. Typically, a complete set of Hoplite Training Armour™ costs about $50 USD to ship within the continental US & Canada. We can ship anywhere in the world, but the rates will vary. We always compare multiple carriers to get you the best rate possible. We’ll contact you prior to shipping to advise you of the costs.

There will be a complete list of FAQs when our website goes live. Until then, if you have any questions, please contact:

Marc Joseph
CBO/Director of Business Development
Phone: 514-965-9269

Functional Edge MMA joins The Spartan Army

Spartan Training Gear is pleased to announce its corporate alliance with Tony Torres, his Functional Edge System and Functional Edge Mixed Martial Arts.

The work Tony Torres is doing to advance the development of behaviorally-based personal defense is second to none. We’re pleased that the Hoplite Training Armour can be incorporated into this training and eventually become an indispensable tool to all students of the Functional Edge System.

Here’s a brief bio on Coach Torres:

  • Founder and Chief Instructor of Functional Edge Mixed Martial Arts
  • 35 years experience practicing and teaching several styles of martial arts, combatives, self-defense and defensive tactics to civilians, Law Enforcement agencies and Military personnel
  • 4th Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt & member of the All Navy Team while serving in the military
  • Former Defensive Tactics Instructor for the US Navy
  • Atlantic Fleet Headquarters Security Team
  • 13 year veteran of the Virginia Beach Police Department
  • Certified Law Enforcement and Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Former lead Force on Force and CQB Fundamentals Instructor for Blackwater USA, teaching the US Navy
  • Certified S.P.E.A.R. System Instructor with Blauer Tactical Systems
  • 2 years experience as a Private Military Contractor for BlackWater USA providing Dignitary Protection in Iraq

And a introduction to the Functional Edge System:

  1. Functional: Affects physiological and psychological action and purpose
  2. Edge: Force, vigor and energy of body and intensity of desire
  3. System: An interacting group of items forming a unified whole. An organized and established procedure.

The Functional Edge System is a method of studying violent conflicts and learning the skills necessary to efficiently deal with them.

The training methods are designed to connect to the necessary attitudes, emotions, instincts, and physical skills and behaviors which will enable and empower the trainees in dangerous situations.

We train by cognitively modeling instinctive protective behavior in order to facilitate the physical, psychological and emotional transitions from reactive to responsive.

The goal of the Functional Edge System is to merge instinctive behavior with cognitive attitude.

Shadow boxing in Hoplite Training Armour™

Close Quarter Drills

Before the Hoplite Training Armour™ was officially launched, we had the prototypes tested by some of the very best trainers in the world. One of the first trainers we contacted was Tony Torres of Functional Edge MMA. He agreed to put it to the test, then sent us this testimonial.

“In my experience as a police officer, soldier and as a trainer for Law Enforcement, Military Units, and Civilian athletes, I have had the opportunity to train in just about every training gear out there.

Hoplite Training Armour by Spartan Training Gear is the best by far. It is the perfect combination of protection and mobility. I have used it for self protection scenario training as well as for sparring and even stick fighting. Not only is the protection and mobility the best but also the comfort while wearing it.

From now on Hoplite Training Armour is the official training gear of the Functional Edge System and Functional Edge Mixed Martial Arts!”

Tony Torres
Professional Law Enforcement and Military Trainer
Founder Functional Edge System and Mixed Martial Edge

Keep an eye out for more from Spartan Training Gear™ and the Functional Edge System coming in 2011.

Hell of a good start…

T. Civico received his Hoplite Training Armour™ right before the Christmas holidays. While most of us we’re eating, drinking and being merry, this hardcore dude decided to take his new gear for a spin.

Here’s some pictures and the great testimonial he sent in:

“In reality-based training you need multi-purpose gear that allows you to bring your students as close to a real life force encounter as possible. Spartan Training Gear has achieved this with their Hoplite Training Armour. It’s a new breed of force on force suit. It’s clear that in building the suit, they took the best from other suits, none of the ‘bad’ and created a suit that allows the operator to train with speed, agility and force without a bulk that would inhibit movement. The Hoplite Training Armour is lightweight and greatly reduces the risk of injury while still allowing the user to feel the attack and not create a superman mentality.

The Hoplite gear not only delivers in performance but in style , being the most aggressive, warrior-styled suit I’ve ever seen. Every one in my department that saw me train in mine is asking where they can get one.”

Manitoba, Canada

Prepare for glory…

As Spartan Training Gear™ prepares for the imminent launch of its Hoplite Training Armour™ line in January 2011, the only thing left to do is put this bad boy to the test. We need to make sure it’ll live up to the name ‘Spartan’ and is ready to take punishment from the best soldiers, cops and fighters in the world.

So when one of the most highly respected S.W.A.T. teams in North Carolina agreed to try it out, we jumped at the opportunity. Here’s some pics from the training and a testimonial from the team leader.

I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and a S.W.A.T. team member/leader for 20 of those. I have had the opportunity to train and work with law enforcement (municipal, sheriff, state and federal agencies) as well as all branches of the military, including many or their elite units. In doing so, I have been exposed to several types of training gear, including Red Man & High Gear. Having been given the privilege to Test and Evaluate the Hoplite Training Armour by Spartan Training Gear, I have found it to truly be the next step in the evolution of training gear.  Not only does It provides coverage, protection and mobility during hard core scenario training, it also lends comfort and fit that allows for extended wear (i.e. multiple martial classes and sparring as well as role player demos).

Lieutenant (Police and S.W.A.T.)
Law Enforcement and Military Trainer