TACFIT Spartan Challenge ‘Earn You Armour’ Contest


Spartan Training Gear, in conjunction with Scott Sonnon and TACFIT, are offering up the ultimate warrior prize package in the TACFIT Spartan Challenge ‘Earn You Armour’ Contest.


Step 1 – The Challenge: First, you will need to have downloaded or have access to the TACFIT Spartan Challenge. Once you’ve got that, you must then complete the Challenge exactly as prescribed on the Intermediate or Advanced Level (details below).

But there’s a catch. Simply being able to ‘Defeat the Beast’ isn’t enough. You have to be one of the first 10 entries submitted following the launch of the contest. Those entries  are then eligible for participation in the contest and judging. The winner will be the person who not only scores the 30 points, but also has the best form, technique and the cleanest reps in the eyes of Coach Sonnon and his team of judges.

So, while time is of the essence, don’t sacrifice quantity for quality.

Here’s the Spartan Challenge as prescribed, on both difficulties:

Intermediate Level
2 reps per side (right/left) – Dive Rolls
2 reps per side (right/left) – Base Switches
2 reps – Tadpole Sprawls

Advanced Level
3 reps per side (right/left) – Dive Rolls
3 reps per side (right/left) – Base Switches
3 reps – Tadpole Sprawls

Step 2 – The Proof:  We’re going to need proof that you pulled this off. So, you must film yourself doing the Challenge. Every second of it. EXCEPT for the warmup and cooldown. All we want to see is the actual challenge itself. No editing, no fancy music. Just you, your inner warrior and the camera.

Upon completion, the complete video must be uploaded to our private group on Veoh.

Here are the exact steps to follow:

a. Sign up for a free account at www.veoh.com
b. Upload your Spartan Challenge video in its raw, unedited format. Don’t worry, the size and length of your video will not be an issue.
c. Title your uploaded video ‘TACFIT Spartan Challenge: Earning My Armor’.
d. Then, go to the following link http://www.veoh.com/list/c/earn-your-armour-contest and join the ‘Earn Your Armour’ Contest group.
e. Return to your profile and add the newly uploaded video to this group.
f. Send an email to Marc Joseph at marc@spartantg.com to confirm the time and date of your successful upload.

The TACFIT Spartan Challenge ‘Earn You Armour’ Contest starts NOW!! Entries must be submitted NO LATER THAN Wednesday, June 1st at midnight EST. But remember, only the first 10 entries are eligible.

Step 3 – The Payoff: Here’s what the winning Spartan receives:

1 x Hoplite Training Armour Vest (in the color of your choice)
1 x Hoplite Training Armour Helmet
1 x Spartan Training Gear ‘Revenge’ T-Shirt
1 x exclusive TACFIT ‘WINGS’ pin (Normally recipients of this prestigious pin must ‘bleed’ on first pinning, but Coach Sonnon is nonetheless extending this honor to the victor of this contest)

To insure maximum participation in this contest, we’re going to have a stipulation available to the winner. The winner can, should he or she choose, donate his ‘Armour’ to another deserving individual. For example, should the person who wins not actively participate in martial arts or another form of tactical training, you will have the option to donate the Hoplite Vest and Helmet to a colleague, friend, police officer or soldier. This way, everyone has a reason to fight for the title.


Dare to better yourself. Dare to win. Dare to take the Spartan Challenge and Earn Your Armour!

Legal Stuff:

  1. Agreement: No purchase is necessary to enter this contest. The act of entering this Contest constitutes acceptance of the contest rules and the decisions of the contest judges.
  2. Eligibility: The Contest is open to anyone age 21 or older. You must submit entries as indicated above. Limit of one entry per contestant.
  3. Contest: Start and end dates for the challenge are set out above. Selected contestants are chosen in order they are received. The winning contestant will be contacted by email by a representative Spartan Training Gear.
  4. Release: Spartan Training its officers, employees or assignees shall not be liable for personal injury, property damage, lost profits or revenue or for any claim against us by any other party arising out or in connection the Spartan Challenge.
  5. Submissions: By agreeing to submit your video footage, you authorize Spartan Training Gear to use it for promotional purposes related to this challenge.